About us.

With a combined 45 years of experience, We founded KJM Construction & Services Inc. We have worked hard to build Our company’s profile and reputation in the construction industry in the Ottawa area, after a few years and growing demand; We began to increase Our employees and subcontractors. As We still grow, We are proud to say that KJM Construction & Services Inc. has become a reliable and valued player in residential, commercial, and institutional construction/renovation. In the last fiscal year, we undertook 3.9 million in construction projects in the National Capital Region.

We operate our 900 square foot office; where two full-time administrative employees, including a draftswoman, receive and process all documents, regardless of the schedule of all full-time employees. Our full-time team consists of two Senior Project Managers, two Site Supervisors, two foremen, six workers and two quality control officers. In case of staff turnover, illness and/or holidays, we have access to several workers; in order to always be able to meet high levels of demand. KJM Construction & Services Inc. also has a 1600 square foot workshop, access to countless storage spaces, vehicles and all the equipment we need to carry out the projects entrusted to us. Over the years, we have established a strong and trustworthy relationship with many local subcontractors; which allows us to take on all kinds of tasks, ranging but not limited to; asphalt/concrete, carpentry, cabinetmaking, drywall, electricity, felling, flooring, glazing, HVAC, landscaping, locksmithing, masonry, plumbing, painting, welding, window treatments, etc.

Our company is dedicated to customer care and satisfaction; and we are proud to be recognized for our diligence as well as our professionalism and expertise. Our personal goal is to provide a reliable and worry-free service, focused on quality, fast delivery; all at competitive rates. Our employees are professional, respectful, hardworking, empathetic and place great importance on teamwork and communication. Most of our work is carried out in occupied buildings during regular hours; therefore, we are dedicated to meeting the highest standards of safety and cleanliness on our construction sites.